Kathryn Ashill

Art Witch

Amateur dramatics, theatre flats, stage lighting, public monuments and performance are central to Ashill’s practice. Kathryn aims to pursue the theatricality in the everyday whilst sharing her observations on memoirs, people, history and site. Civic life and duty is explored through interactions with memorial sites, face painting, costume and public events.


Working both in and out of the gallery, Kathryn often asks others to become participants in her theatrical performances. In these events her own autobiography mingles with those of historical figures as she explores tradition, history, memories and memorials. Ashill describes herself as an ‘art witch’; an accurate term to encapsulate what she does, suggesting embodied knowledges, the complex relationship the world has to women and power and her ability to make the everyday mythical and magical.



Major Goat Major. Digital collage. Kathryn Ashill 2018