becoming interdependent: the making of the guide-dog-human relationship 

The guide dog human partnership constitutes a distinct collaboration, responding to each other and to moving as one in worlds primarily designed and built for sighted people.   This distinct multispecies partnership is activated by complex relations of trust, respect, co- dependence and communication. For example, neither dog nor person can cross the street alone without risk, and neither are in total control at any one time but together they can.

But where did this distinct multispecies partnership come from, and how might it have changed across time and why? Answering these questions needs a wide range of sources to trace how the changing ways in which this entanglement  was realised and how blind people and dogs, and others, both understood and experienced living and working together. Tracing the history of this partnership is a history of animal-human collaboration and the shared worlds of humans and dogs that was (and continues to be) meaningful to and produced by all parties provides a way of reconsidering history as more than human.

Project 02